RGB Rock Lights
How-To Install & Use

RGB Rock Lights

Multi-Color & Color Changing

Wireless light control & Function

Control the 6-piece or 8-piece RGB Rock Light Kit with the touch of a button via Bluetooth app on your phone or ipad. Choose from millions of color options or match it to your vehicle by selecting from a photo. Plus, allow the lights to dance to the music or scroll through various preset options.

How-To Install

Mount The Lights

You may install the rock lights inside or outside of your vehicle using the included hardware.

First, select the location you wish to install the rock lights on your vehicle. Determine what rock light wire length is needed for each location back to the wiring harness prior to installing. If needed additional extension wires may be purchased.

Prior to drilling or screwing, double check the screw length to make sure they will not interfere with any parts of the vehicle on the backside.

Once the locations and rock light wire lengths have been determined, run the wire through the rubber mounting pad. Afterwards install the screw style you wish to use for mounting through the small black screw holder followed by the light and rubber pad. If needed pre-drill a smaller hole in the mounting surface to allow for the screw. Secure the light and rubber pad with the screw to the mounting surface.

On the back of the mounting surface add the washer and nut. Tighten to confirm the light is secure once both screws are installed. Repeat for each side and rock light.

Waterproof rock light connectors

Connect Lights to Bluetooth Controller

We make it easy to install up to 8 RGB rock lights by using one bluetooth control box. This allows all wires to run to one location.

Determine the location for the controller box and run each wire back to this module after the lights have been installed. Confirm the wiring harness will reach the vehicle's battery or power source from the controller location. Also, the switch will reach the desired mounting location or rely.

Connect each rock light to a plug and play connector. Tighten to make sure that the wire and waterproof connector are properly secure.

If needed mount or secure the bluetooth controller to the vehicle.

Bluetooth wiring harness for rock lights

Wiring Harness

Run the power switch to the desired location. The switch may be removed and wiring harness spliced if connecting to a rely or switch panel. Consult your relay or controller for proper installation instructions.

Connect the wiring harness to your vehicle's battery or the power source for the rock or underglow lights.

The red wire should be connected to the positive terminal on the battery. The black wire connects to the negative battery terminal.

Remove the protective film on the lights prior to connecting power or turning them on.

Once you have all lights secured and connected, switch installed, and wiring harness connected to the power source, you're ready to turn on your RGB rock lights.

Final step is connecting your bluetooth controller to your phone or device using the instructions below.

Setting Up App & Bluetooth Connection

Follow the steps below to connect your RGB Rock Lights to the bluetooth app

Step 1 - Download the Happy Lighting-Life with Smart app to your phone or ipad

Step 2 - Make sure your bluetooth is turned on and open your bluetooth settings on your device and find the bluetooth device

Step 3 - Open the Happy Lighting app

You should now be able to control your rock lights with your phone or device.  

RGB Rock Light App Functions

To turn on the RGB rock lights use the power icon at the top of the app. It will turn green when on and connected to the bluetooth controller.

RGB Color Selector for Rock Lights

Control RGB Color

Pick a color from the color wheel or from millions of different color option.

Adjust the brightness using the brightness indicator in the middle of the screen.

Select a specific color from the classic colors at the bottom or one of your frequent colors.

RGB Color from Image

Color from Image

At the top right of the screen select the image icon and upload an image.

Once the image is uploaded select a spot on the image and the color will display. The rock lights will automatically switch to the color selected from the image.

Change rock light colors with music

Change Color With Music

Allow music to play through the app and the lights will change color based upon the music that is playing.

For additional instructions on how to set this up refer to the help section and sync music guide.

Control lights by voice

Control by Voice Volume

Enable the app to use your device microphone and control the different light functions

Preset Color Changing Options

Preset Color Options

Select from a variety of color patterns and options. Plus control the transition speed between colors.

Control the Time turn on/off RGB Lights

Time On/Off

Set the time you want to turn on or off your RGB lights. Select the day and setting.

RGB Color Changing Rock Lights - 6 Piece - North Lights
RGB Color Changing Rock Lights - 6 or 8 piece - North Lights
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Green Rock Light Color - RGB Rock Lights - North Lights
Light Purple Rock Light Color - RGB Rock Lights - North Lights
Red Rock Light Color - RGB Rock Lights - North Lights
Blue Rock Light Color - RGB Rock Lights - North Lights
RGB Color Changing Rock Lights - Bluetooth Controlled - North Lights
RGB Color Changing Rock Lights - 6 Piece Wiring Harness Bluetooth - North Lights
RGB Color Changing Rock Lights- Hardware - North Lights

RGB (Multi-color and Color Changing) Rock Light Set - 6 or 8

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